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Hey gang! Sorry I’ve been kinda of MIA lately. I’m in the middle of a big work project and it’s keeping me busy, so my free time is much less than normal right now. I did want to take a moment to share a couple of links with you that I think you should see.

This first issue is super serious and I hope you all will take a look and do what you can. My dear friend Jamie VanEaton, who runs the amazing Your Lighter Side blog, just posted about new legislation in Colorado that threatens to shut down any health/diet related blog or website that is not run by a licenced dietician. So much for free speech! This is crazy and we can’t allow this kind of precedent to be set. It will eventually mean the loss of all the blogs you love and read daily – including this one.  Another friend, Steve Cooksey, who runs the fantastic Diabetes Warrior website, is being harassed by his state because of the opinions on this website. This should not be allowed to happen folks. I’ll be posting more on all this later, but since I’m short on time, I’m gonna leave you with Jamie’s post: Colorado HB1060 May Mean The End of Your Lighter Side. Go read and give those representatives a piece of your fabulously brilliant minds!

The next link is light on the Big Brother Factor, but still serious. My good friend Tom Naughton has an older brother, Jerry, who occasionally blogs about nutritional stuff. Recently he shared a short & sweet post about the Paula Deen diabetes fiasco that has most of us gritting our teeth and wrapping our heads with duct tape. Check it out and see if you don’t find yourself nodding in agreement though the whole thing. I know I did. No Paula, Say It Ain’t Dough!


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  • Jamie Saal VanEaton

    Thanks so much for your support. At a time when SOPA/PIPA got their butt cracks handed to them on a platter with a side of bacon, it’s important to be ever vigilant when it comes to exercising, and protecting, our first amendment rights to free speech.

  • Kristi Maloney

    I wrote about Deen too and posted George Stella’s raspberry scone recipe. I caught him on Dr. Oz too. Thanks for that link!!!

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