Recipe Websites

Below you’ll find links to websites with some of the best recipes available on the Internet.

Your Lighter Side – Best. Recipe. Site. Evah.

Low Carb Friends Recipe Room – Great place for information. You do not have to be registered to view the recipes. They boast an impressive 3400+ recipes for you to try. Feel free to look around on the rest of the site too… loads of stuff to look at!

Truly Low Carb Recipes – Karen is obviously an outstanding cook! She has some of the best low carb recipes I’ve tried! She has published 2 great cook books and has another low carb book on they way.

Low Carb Luxury Recipes – Lora has put together a great collection of recipes and many of them I use on a daily basis, some even have pictures! (Admit it.. you prefer to know what it’s supposed to look like before hand.) She also is offering this collection on CD.

Low Carb Eating Recipes – I haven’t tried many of the recipes on this site yet, but what I have tried have been great! I think this collection is growing quickly too!

Low Carbohydrate Cooking – This is a great collection of recipes. You can get them one by one, or order the whole collection on a CD. Unfortunately you can no longer download the whole cookbook thanks to people who are stealing her collection and re-selling them as their own.

Low Carb Cafe Recipes – I haven’t had the chance to try any of these recipes yet, though I’ve meant to. (Only so many meals in a day, ya know?) But they look delicious and I WILL get around to trying some. There are several here to choose from!

CarbHealth Recipes – Tiffany’s collection of free low-carb recipes. Lots of other stuff here too.. so look around!

Linda’s Low Carb Recipes & Reviews – Linda has some fantastic recipes and I highly recommend visiting her site! Some of our weekly favorties came from right here!

Low-Carbing and General Health News – This is the blog of my friend Jennifer Eloff, who is the author of several great cookbooks. In this blog she shares some of her favorite recipes, as well as her insight in the realm of low-carb living. Be sure to check it out!

Low Carb Grub –  A newer website with a good variety of recipes for the low-carb lifestyle. Check it out!

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