Hey everyone! This is the website and blog of Amy Dungan. I’m an author, photographer, mother, and wife who is learning to find balance in all the craziness that life throws my way. I’m a type 2 diabetic that utilizes a low-carb lifestyle to keep my health  and weight in check. I also write fiction for a living under a pen name, love taking photographs of anything that catches my eye, and hanging out with family and friends is my favorite past time. The former version of this website was taken down by hackers and I couldn’t recover it. I had years worth of posts on here that are mostly gone forever. Initially that made me sad, but now it’s not so troublesome for me. I’ve changed a lot over the years, and recent events have made me look at life differently. This felt like the perfect time to evolve this website as well. I will still talk about health issues, share recipes, and post my personal progress, but since a healthy lifestyle is a good balance of work, healthy living, and fun – I’ll be posting about all of that here. I hope you’ll stick with me and join in the adventure.

If you’d like the long version of what happened with me since the demise and revival of the website, you can find it here.